Cooling system failure is the number one cause of vehicle breakdowns. Because there are often no visible warning signs of deterioration, radiator and cooling system maintenance service is frequently overlooked by vehicle owners.

Your engine is constantly burning fuel and therefore gets very hot. In fact, the temperatures inside the combustion chamber may reach 4,500°. It is the job of the cooling system to carry this potentially harmful heat away from the engine to the outside air. To do this, a coolant mixture of water and antifreeze is circulated through the engine block. The coolant absorbs heat from the engine and is pumped by the water pump through hoses to the radiator. Once the radiator transfers the heat from the engine to the outside air, the coolant circulates back to the engine and the cycle begins again.

To keep this important system working properly, vehicle manufacturers recommend that this system be serviced at specified time or mileage intervals. Over time, the rust inhibitors and additives in the coolant may lose their anti-corrosive properties leaving particles and debris to build up within the system. These contaminants can block passages within the radiator and reduce its ability to keep the engine running at the optimal temperature. To remove this build-up, many service providers perform a radiator “drain-and-fill.”

At GF United Auto Service, we perform a Radiator Flush which removes virtually all of the old coolant and contaminants in your radiator and replaces it with new or recycled coolant. This will keep your cooling system working properly and will protect your vehicle for miles to come.

Our Radiator Service includes:

  • inspection of your radiator system and pressure test for any leaks
  • adding flush chemicals to the radiator
  • power flushing the system
  • refilling radiator system with recycled anti-freeze
  • adding sealant / lubricant to the system
  • a 6-month/6,000 mile limited warranty

Ask an GF United Auto Service advisor what interval your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends and for complete details on our warranty.

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